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How Can We Assist?

What does a full relace include?

Every glove that is taken in is broken down to the shell, removing all of the laces, the web and the wrist.  Once everything is apart, compressed air is blown into the fingers to remove all rocks, dirt, sunflower seeds and other debris.  The glove is cleaned using the best cleaners available with a horsehair brush and glove cleaning soap. New palm adhesive is installed as needed and lastly the glove is re-laced back to factory standards.

What's the normal turnaround time?

Most gloves can be completed in 2-3 days depending on the amount of cleaning required and backlog of work already taken in.  If you have a special need to get your glove back quicker, rush services are available for an extra fee.  Reach out directly for more information.

Break-in services usually take about a week 

How do I get my glove to you?

  • If you are local in the San Francisco Bay Area I normally arrange for the glove to be dropped off and picked up from my home in Pleasant Hill, CA.  

  • If you are not local, you can ship the glove to me and pay for return shipping ($20 flat fee/glove)

How you break-in gloves?

My break-in method:

  1. Learn about the player's plans for use of the glove?  Are you a middle infielder or an outfielder? How do you like your glove to close, thumb to ring finger or thumb to index finger?

  2. Apply conditioner to allow the leather to naturally stretch

  3. Use a mallet to pound the glove to create the hinge points.  Some people like thumb to pinky (two hinge points), some players prefer thumb to index finger (one hinge point)

  4. Use a mallet to create the pocket ( every player has their own ideal pocket depth and shape)

  5. Rinse and repeat until i'm happy with the result. 

  6. Apply final layer of conditioner 

NOTE:  In some cases, I will use warm water to soften the pocket of the glove to allow it to shape easier.  Some call this the Aso method or Yumomi which has been tested by many to not have any adverse effect on the leather.  I do not recommend using the steaming or oven method since all of those methods overheat the leather and permanently change the PH of the leather making it permanently dry and brittle over time.  

The Shokunin (The Craftsmen)

Shigetoshi Egashira built the legendary baseball glove brand Kubota Slugger using a secret technique. Now 85 years old, we explore his method and legacy, having devoted his life to crafting gloves.  Watch this awesome video on the Japanese method of glove breaking using Yumomi

How broken in will my glove be after this service?

It depends, some gloves are softer than others.  My objective is to get the glove to the point where a player can play catch without dropping the ball due to the glove being too stiff.  The best results for EVERY player is to have the glove broken in to their hand by playing catch.  I usually get the glove 80% + broken in to allow the final break-in to be done by the player for best results.

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